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I can make an amine girl for you.
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I can make any My Little Pony OC. Just let me know if you want a pony, unicorn, pegasus or an alicorn. If there is anything you want on your pony, just let me know.
Star Wars Characters
I can make you a star wars character. The races I can make are Twi'lek, Human, Togruta, Miraluka, Mirialan, Rattataki, Sith, Zabrak, and Chiss.





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Hey! I am currently on summer vacation and will start the school year as a freshman in high school. Art is a big part of my life, along with music, reading, and writing. I love animals. Once I graduate, I want to become a vet and help as many animals as possible. I love Dragons, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, My Little Pony, everything and anything Marvel, and the list just goes on. If I went to Hogwarts, I would be a Gryffindor. If I lived in Middle Earth, I would be an elf. If I was a pony, I would be a unicorn. If I lived in the Marvel Universe, I would be an Asgardian. (My favorite super hero is Thor. Loki is my favorite villain. I LOVE LOKI!!!!!)

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Astrid Dragonheart
Made with DeviantArt muro From the book I am writing, Lost Princess. Read it if you haven't yet. (please)

    Chapter 4


    I woke up when I rolled off the bed and hit the floor.

    “Nice going, Dragonheart!” laughed Kalevi Griffin, another one of the alphas.

    “Shut up, Griffin!” Yelled Elda, throwing a pillow at him.

    He caught it easily and threw it back.

    I got up and threw my own pillow at Griffin. He didn’t catch this one and it hit him in the face. All the other Alphas burst out in laughter again. Griffin finally joined in to.

    “If you can aim that well with a pillow,” he said, still smiling, “remind me not to be on the wrong end of your bow!”

    I threw my head back and laughed.

    Putting my armor and boots on didn’t hurt today. I’m glad for that. I left my hair down and walked out the door to the training field. Elda walked with me. I think she still is not sure if I am really OK.

    Once everyone was on the field, Commander Riclift had us line up against the wall according to rank.

    “Today you will be training against simulations, one at a time. Every simulation will be different, so don’t think you can do what your friend did. We will start at the bottom rank and move up.”

    I had a feeling today was going to be slow. I was right. I wasn´t even allowed to watch the others during theirs. They didn’t get to me until about an hour before dinner.

    “Alright, Dragonheart. You go into that chamber for the simulation. You are in the middle of a battle. Your job is to protect the King, no matter the cost.” Riclift instructed me.

    “Which King?” I asked sweetly.

    “Don’t be a smartass,” he said as he shoved me in.

    At first the chamber was dark and empty. Then, it started to glow and a battle field formed around me. I looked around for King Loki. I finally found him watching on the sidelines.  He was smiling, as if he liked watching his soldiers fight and die.

    An enemy slowly crept behind King Loki. I knew what I had to do, but I was tempted not to. Just before the enemy could strike, I attacked. I knocked his sword out of his hand. I then picked him up and threw him back into the battle.

    “Thank you!” King Loki said mockingly as I put up an enchanted shield. “I don’t know what I would have done without you!”

    You would have died. Well, not really… this is just a simulation… Have I mentioned how much King Loki gets under my skin?

    I chose to ignore the king and focused on keeping enemies away from him.

    “Keep it up, Astrid!” The king had a smirk on his face. “You could be doing better, though. What would happen If I did this?”

    The next thing I knew, green lightning came down and killed all of my allies. Skidia was next to me when she fell. She looked up at me and smiled, like she was at peace.

    I howled in rage and ran into the dark mob that was the enemy. I destroyed everyone and everything in my path. I could hear Loki laughing in the background, and that only made me angrier. Before long, I was alone on the battlefield with King Loki.

    The simulation ended. King Loki dissolved like everything else on the field. I exited the simulation chamber feeling sick.

    “Stars, Dragonheart!” Riclift said when he saw me. “How did you do that? You got the best score I have ever seen!”

    “I got mad.” I replied with a shrug. “You don’t ever want to mess with me when I am mad.”

    Commander Riclift grunted in agreement and motioned for Elda to come over. I left. Skidia was watching me coldly. I wonder if she was spying during my simulation.

    While thinking about Skidia, I made the mistake of looking up. I saw King Loki, smiling down at me. It made me feel sick. I quickly looked down again.

    “Alpha Dragonheart?” Asked a young man who was suddenly at my side.

    “Who are you?” I asked, looking him up and down. He had shaggy blond hair and brown eyes. The kid was also very short.

    “I am Omega Tarben Maggoo. I overheard Commander Riclift talking. He said that you were by far the most powerful magic user he had seen in years, you just needed to learn more control. I thought you might want to know.” He lowered his head respectfully.

    “Thank you. I appreciate it.” I turned and started to walk away.

    “One more thing, Alpha, if it is not too much trouble.”

    “Yes, Maggoo?” I said, slightly annoyed.

    “Do you think that you may be able to help me train when we have extra time? I know I need the extra help, the Betas hate me, and because I am an Omega, the other Alphas think I am not worth their time.”

    I thought about it for a moment. Tarben had potential, I could tell. He also had ambition, which always helps when training. “Alright, kid. I will help you. One one condition.”

    Tarben’s eyes got wide. “What?” He asked excitedly. “I will do anything!”

    “Be my eyes and ears. As an Omega, people don’t notice you. Use that to your advantage. Find out what you can about Beta Skidia Darkwood. If  you notice anything, I want to hear about it.”


    I watched as Tarben Maggoo practically skipped away, and I smiled to myself. At least I was going to be making a positive change in someone’s life.

Dinner was once again uneventful. Well, for me, at least. The Omegas got into a big fight over something. I really don´t know what. My mind was on other things, like training Tarben. I had no idea where to start. I didn´t even know where his skill set were.

"Dragonheart!" Yelled Elda. "Are you paying attention to anything? King Loki is going to split us up into groups and will send us each on a mission." Elda sounded very irritated.

"Sorry, Elda, " I said sheepishly. "I was thinking about other things. How are we being split up? And why?"

"There will be one Alpha in each group." Explained Commander Riclift. "There will also be five Betas and five Omegas. I am splitting up the groups. Your missions will be given to you by the king."

    “Ok. So now I know how we are are splitting up. But why? Why is King Loki making us split?”

    “Because he feels you are ready for it? I don’t know! I only take orders. I don’t question them.” Riclift was clearly getting mad at me, too. I decided to stop talking.

    After dinner, we were dismissed, but did not have to go to our barracks just yet. I tried to find Tarben. It was very hard because of his height.

    Finally, I saw him. “Come with me,” I said, grabbing him by the arm and pulling.

    “Where are we going?” Tarben asked as I pulled him through the crowd.


    Tarben fell silent and let me drag him along. I took him down one of the long passages to a dead end. Then, I pressed the middle brick on the wall, and it lifted.


    I looked over at Tarben. He was staring wide eyed at the entrance. I walked inside, making sure he was following me. The passage had many twists and turns. It led to a large circular room with weapons all over the walls.

        “Stop staring and pick one up,” I said as I picked up and tested a blade.

    Tarben, still in a trance, took a sword off of the wall. It was short and wide, with a long handle. He didn’t even bother to test it. He just took it and walked to a wall.

    I finally chose my blade as well. It was longer than his, and much thinner as well. The handle was long enough for both hands, though I usually only fought with one.

    “Are...are we going to” Tarben asked, nervously.

    “No,” I replied. “You are going to do some basic drills, and I will show you how it is done.”

    I started calling out the drills, getting faster each time.

    “Sig! Nast! Parui! Haer! Chwini!” I repeated these drills over and over again, switching the order, until he was falling over because of fatigue. “You are done for today, Maggoo. I trust you can find your way back to the barracks?”

    “Yes, I think so…” He said, panting slightly.


I watched Tarben Maggoo turn his back and walk slowly away. He looked like he was regretting his decision to train with me. In a way, I don’t blame him. I have never gone easy on anyone, for any reason. He would be no different. I would break him if I had to, but Tarben would become a great fighter.

WTF, Lila the Mermaid
Ok. So, there is this website called Gaia. I play on it all the time. In my aquarium, I have a fish called Lila the Mermaid. When I click on the tank and call all the other fish to a certain spot, she will, well... middle finger. Why is this in a game that kids can play? At least the pixelate it out and most kids wont know why... I hope...
Made with DeviantArt muro     I love game theory and I have been watching it for years. As for GTLive, I have been watching it for some time. This is a picture of Skip, Jacksepticeye eye, and Peepachu


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